The Animal House

21 Red Brook Road
Buzzards Bay, MA 02532




We offer quality, affordable spay and neuter opportunities to help prevent the occurance of unwanted pregnancies.  We also offer dental cleanings, and extractions if warranted.

When your pet comes in for one of the above procedures, they will undergo anesthesia and will be hospitalized for the day.  Absorbable sutures are usually used for spay and neuter procedures and do not require another visit to have them removed.  Your pet will usually be given an Elizabethan collar to wear for 10 days following their surgery, depending on the procedure. 

The age to have a pet spayed or neutered is a mutual decision based on a discussion between Dr. Lappin and the pet owner during the pets' exam.


We accept SNAP, an MSPCA program that offers reduced cost spay and neuter operations for low-income pet owners.  Please click on the MSPCA SNAP website ( for more information and the application form.